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What Should I Do After I have an Auto Accident?

Download Now - "EBOOK What Do After I Have an Auto Accident" Four easy steps to take when you are involved in an auto-accident. Some of the EBook are listed here: "Your first priority for the next few days or weeks is your health and well-being. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you might have numerous doctor appointments, surgeries, physical therapy appointments, and the things that you need in order to get your body healthy again. If you have a camera and you are able, it is always helpful to take several photos of the vehicle damage and accident scene. The attending police officer should give you the name and address for the drivers of the other vehicles involved... Read More

Paying For Medical Bills after Auto Accident in Louisville

For a large portion of the thousands of drivers who are hurt in auto accidents each year, the security of having insurance can quickly dissipate. Medical treatments are expensive and those for major injuries can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. When the accident is the other driver’s fault, the injured victim will probably have to file a personal injury case to get the other driver’s insurance to pay for their bills. The problem is that the medical bills you accrue need to be paid right now. The McCullum Law Office is an auto accident attorney in Louisville who will take a personal interest in your case. Most of the time, you will be held responsible for paying your... Read More

What to Do If You Are Struck by a Car While Walking

Walking is a good way to get from one place to the other and a popular method of exercise. Nothing is more enjoyable that a walk around the neighborhood, enjoying time with your family or friends. Most of us feel secure when we are walking in familiar areas, especially when we are on sidewalks or other walkways designated as pedestrian zones. That security can be quickly shattered when you are unexpected struck by a vehicle. When the unthinkable happens, calling an experienced car accident attorney should be one of the first things you do. The First Assumption about Pedestrian-Vehicle Accidents Any time a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, the first thought we have is that the driver is to... Read More

Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney in Harrison County IN

Personal injury auto accident cases arise when someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another driver. The injured person is entitled to be monetarily compensated by the responsible party or that party’s auto insurance company. However, it would be wise to consult with an auto accident attorney in Harrison County Indiana before speaking to anyone from an insurance company in order to receive the appropriate legal guidance. You should remember that auto insurance companies are in the business of making money and many times tend to make low-ball settlement offers. An auto accident attorney in Harrison County Indiana will work to get you the best settlement that you deserve. Depending upon the circumstances and... Read More

How to Prevent Teen Auto Accidents

In order to prevent any future accidents for your teenage driver, it is important to discuss risky behavior and how to avoid it. Emphasize why one shouldn’t text and drive, or even speak on the phone and drive. Unless it is an absolute emergency, these are distractions and dangers that can end in fatal or serious accidents for the driver, and any other passengers who happen to be with them. Seatbelts are not optional, and that should be a rule for any driver—not just teenagers. Even if you are doing a simple run to the store and the drive is generally safe, it is best to never risk your only life under the assumption that terrible things will not happen... Read More