How to Prevent Teen Auto Accidents

In order to prevent any future accidents for your teenage driver, it is important to discuss risky behavior and how to avoid it. Emphasize why one shouldn’t text and drive, or even speak on the phone and drive. Unless it is an absolute emergency, these are distractions and dangers that can end in fatal or serious accidents for the driver, and any other passengers who happen to be with them.

Seatbelts are not optional, and that should be a rule for any driver—not just teenagers. Even if you are doing a simple run to the store and the drive is generally safe, it is best to never risk your only life under the assumption that terrible things will not happen to you. If you do get in a crash, a seatbelt, along with airbags, could very well save your life and prevent any further serious injuries.

Be sure to always keep an eye out for the speed limit, and understand that this is a guideline that is set for favorable conditions, and if the weather or the conditions of the road are unsafe and dangerous, then one should always be driving under the speed limit to avoid auto accidents anywhere or in Harrison County, Indiana or Louisville, Kentucky. There are plenty of cases where speeding has led to fatal accidents, and even death.

Finally, never drive home from a bar, restaurant or friend’s house under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is the easiest risk to fall into, and the worst. Always decide a designated driver beforehand, or call a parent or guardian to pick you up if you feel like you are struggling to walk, talk or drive anywhere.