Over the years I have used the services of Jerry in criminal, civil, and mediation. He has always provided excellent legal advice and performed services second to none.

Jerry always is attentive in listening to each and every aspect of the issue, is knowledgeable of each aspect of the law and translates complex issues into everyday terms, providing understanding and clear communication in breaking down every legal issue involved.

If you are in need of legal services, Jerry McCullum provides services second to none. He is always the first person I recommend to my friends and family, and would be the only I would recommend to you as well.

Philip Brand

Mr. McCullum is knowledgeable, attentive, and helpful. He made me feel comfortable and at ease and explained the process and any legal terms I needed assistance with. I highly recommend Jerry McCullum!

Miranda Martin

The legal service that Attorney Jerry L. McCullum provides is the kind of experience that:

  1. You can be sure that the best interest of his client is always a top priority for him.
  2. He is personable and forthright in his manner of dealing with clients and their family.
  3. For us Mr. McCullum is a Trust Attorney. He also is a professional, we trust!
  4. He saw our parents and family through difficult days and shared his kind own words in memory and appreciation at the passing of his client/friend, my father.

Marlene Thompson

I recently had the pleasure of witnessing Mr. McCullum’s skills through my fiancé joshua. The services he provided him with were very thorough and highly skilled. Mr. McCullum was very reasonable on the fees and the whole experience was as painless as he could make them. Jerry was there anytime that Joshua and i had any questions or concerns pertaining the case. Jerry took the time to explain the process to him and helped ease joshua’s anxiety over the case. We definitely will be using Jerry McCullum for any of our future legal matters.

Andrea E. Hutchinson

I met Mr. McCullem three years ago when a dear friend of mine needed some legal advise. Since that time, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He not only helped my friend, with legal advice, he became a dear friend. When my friend, was in failing health, he came to his home to have legal documents signed and would visit for awhile. They would swap stories and it made my friend feel important, and that he felt like Mr. McCullem was more than just his Attorney, but someone he could call a friend. My friend passed away September 29th. Mr. McCullem came to the funeral home and spoke about their friendship. Mr. McCullem has helped myself and another friend with every aspect involving my friends affairs. I could call him with questions or concerns anytime, day or night. Mr. McCullem is very straight forward, professional, stern, honest and has a real soft heart. I would , and have recommended him to several people. Thank you, Donna Hieb

Donna Hieb

Jerry was very attentive to the details of our case, very knowledgeable about the trust and living will that we were preparing. He alerted us to possible problems with the trust and helped us to avoid any conflict with his wise council. I feel he is a highly qualified CPA and Attorney! We have sought his council many times over the years and have always been very happy and blessed with his help. He is very easy to talk with and very patient. He has always been able to answer any question we had and took his time explaining and making sure we understood every detail! Jerry McCullum will always be our attorney!

Debbie Buzek

I picked Mr. McCullum off the internet because he was licensed in Kentucky and Indiana as an estate attorney and C.P.A. which is what I needed to handle my Dad’s estate. I have not been disappointed. He has been good to talk to and he can either answer your questions or get you the answers to your questions. I have not had any problems getting in touch with him which has impressed me. Because, I was afraid I would have to get through secretaries and legal aids and trainees before I could talk to the actual lawyer who’s name is on the door. It was nice to know I was dealing with the actual guy instead of his team and it was easy to stay in touch with him.

Leander Whitaker

Jerry is an experienced, knowledgeable advocate for his clients. I do not hesitate referring a client, friend, or family member of mine to Jerry.

Charles Brown

Dependable and works hard on each case.A very professional and knowledgeable attorney.

Stephen Hughes