Cell Tower Negotiation: Lease Easement Assignment Sale Construction

Do you have a cell tower on your property and want to increase your monthly rents or do you want to sell or assign your interest in a cell tower contract. Do you know the true value and going rate of return on your cell tower? You need to know how to negotiate with the cell tower companies because they are experts at this.

This is a special high interest area of the law and a very lucrative area for the cell tower companies. Are you a farmer or a landowner with a hilltop view, do you own land near an interstate, such as I-65 or I-64, or a plot of land outside a local town or city?

You need to know the best tax planning strategies to reduce income taxes on your Cell Tower income and how to best transfer your income producing property to your heirs and family and beneficiaries using your last will and testament or your trust agreement.

There are many cell tower companies out there, including SBA Communications Corporation, Tower Point Capital, and Crown Castle, and all of the cell telephone companies are vying for the best reception spots, including Verizon, AT&T Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and others. You need to know how much value you have before you close a deal. Have you had a cell site evaluation? Hire an attorney with experience and knowledge in dealing with these matters to represent you.

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