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Jeffersonville Probate Attorney Gives Tips on Avoiding Probate

Although a Jeffersonville probate attorney benefits from assisting clients in probate cases, he or she also knows that many clients have the strong desire to avoid this process. A Jeffersonville probate attorney can understand the many benefits of avoiding probate, including saving time and money on transferring assets to their intended beneficiaries and avoiding the public disclosures of a private and confidential nature that probate entails. A probate and estate planning attorney can provide suggestions on how to accomplish your goal of avoiding probate. Use a Trust A trust is an important estate planning document. It allows you to set parameters around how and when and to whom you want your assets and money distributed as your beneficiaries. In this... Read More

The Top Two Reasons to Avoid Probate

When putting together your estate plan, a common goal for individuals across the country is avoiding probate. Simply recognizing this phenomenon is not enough to understand the multiple reasons why a person might choose to make things easier on their heirs and beneficiaries using estate planning tools that avoid probate. The first reason to avoid probate is that can take weeks or even months or longer to pay out the assets linked to the deceased individual. During this time, family members might be managing payments for utilities, taxes, storage fees, attorneys, and the funeral itself. Avoiding the probate process empowers family members to access assets right away. The second major reason that many people wish to avoid probate process is... Read More