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Deciding the Right Type of Trust with Your Estate Planning Attorney

Being able to establish trust in any sort of relationship is a difficult thing to do, and trust is something that takes time. However, sometimes one must be able to discern whether they can trust a person more quickly, usually within the first meeting. How exactly does anyone find a trustworthy estate planning attorney who practices in New Albany, Indiana, without constantly feeling overwhelmed or feeling like they aren’t sure where to go from where to go from here. It is important to always stay curious and keep an open mind when meeting estate-planning attorneys. You want to make sure that the attorney you are interviewing and considering to hire has experience in the specifics of what you need help... Read More

How to Prevent Teen Auto Accidents

In order to prevent any future accidents for your teenage driver, it is important to discuss risky behavior and how to avoid it. Emphasize why one shouldn’t text and drive, or even speak on the phone and drive. Unless it is an absolute emergency, these are distractions and dangers that can end in fatal or serious accidents for the driver, and any other passengers who happen to be with them. Seatbelts are not optional, and that should be a rule for any driver—not just teenagers. Even if you are doing a simple run to the store and the drive is generally safe, it is best to never risk your only life under the assumption that terrible things will not happen... Read More

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney for a Second OWI or DUI

A second OWI or DUI already indicates that you have, prior to the current arrest, received an OWI or DWI or DUI in the same state or in another state, and possibly including reckless driving charge that triggered driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You will be seen as going out and making the same mistake twice instead of learning from your first mistakes. It would appear to be a more deliberate action, and possibly more flagrant or reckless because the law believes you should know better and that you acted despite this knowledge. Upon being issued an Operating While Intoxicated or Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence charge, you should look to hire a highly... Read More