When to Contact an Louisville Personal Injury Attorney

While an Louisville personal injury attorney may primarily handle cases associated with automobile accidents, he or she may handle a wide variety of cases. A personal injury case is one that usually deals with the negligent actions of another party, including cases involving injuries caused to customers or clients who slip and fall, animal and dog bites, and medical malpractice cases in which patients do not receive proper medical attention and cases involving mass transit accidents, motorcycles and trucks. There are certain times when it is critical to contact an Louisville personal injury attorney.

You Sustained an Injury

You do not have to necessarily injure yourself to file a personal injury lawsuit. For example, you can sustain property damage or suffer mental distress and still have a cognizable claim. However, if you have suffered an injury, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer. He or she can provide you with advice so that you can obtain medical treatment, surgery or physical therapy and make a faster recovery while protecting your legal rights. It is important that you firmly document your injuries during this process, so delaying treatment or not establishing a clear paper trail can be mistakes that dramatically impact the course of your case.

You Need Help Negotiating

While people negotiate in different ways during the ordinary course of their life, negotiating with an insurance company or a defendant can be a much different experience. Successful negotiation requires a comprehensive understanding of the law and the risk factors associated with pursuing a claim and litigation. It also involves being able to formulate a realistic demand figure.