Why You Need an Auto Accident Attorney in Harrison County IN

Personal injury auto accident cases arise when someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another driver. The injured person is entitled to be monetarily compensated by the responsible party or that party’s auto insurance company. However, it would be wise to consult with an auto accident attorney in Harrison County Indiana before speaking to anyone from an insurance company in order to receive the appropriate legal guidance. You should remember that auto insurance companies are in the business of making money and many times tend to make low-ball settlement offers. An auto accident attorney in Harrison County Indiana will work to get you the best settlement that you deserve. Depending upon the circumstances and... Read More

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Jeffersonville IN Can Help

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you have the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty and you are entitled to be treated fairly under the law. If you have been accused of a crime, a criminal defense attorney in Jeffersonville Indiana can protect your constitutional rights. Individuals facing criminal charges need advice and guidance because freedom is at stake and jail or prison time is the penalty. A competent criminal defense attorney in Jeffersonville Kentucky can ensure that those who stand accused will be treated with fairness and respect throughout the legal process. Involvement in the criminal justice system typically begins with an arrest. Whether one is arrested for violent crimes, juvenile offenses, sex offenses,... Read More

Why Hire an Estate planning attorney in New Albany IN

An estate planning attorney in New Albany Indiana can assist you in making arrangements for handling your property after your passing, as well as help you devise an estate plan that protects your assets and wishes for healthcare and other matters in the event you become disabled and are unable to make decisions related to your own care. An estate planning attorney in New Albany Indiana can also advise you as to how to create an effective estate plan that can minimize taxes and fees so that your loved ones and heirs may receive all the property that you intended with the least complications. Estate plans often include wills and trusts, living wills, healthcare directives and general durable powers of... Read More

Deciding the Right Type of Trust with Your Estate Planning Attorney

Being able to establish trust in any sort of relationship is a difficult thing to do, and trust is something that takes time. However, sometimes one must be able to discern whether they can trust a person more quickly, usually within the first meeting. How exactly does anyone find a trustworthy estate planning attorney who practices in New Albany, Indiana, without constantly feeling overwhelmed or feeling like they aren’t sure where to go from where to go from here. It is important to always stay curious and keep an open mind when meeting estate-planning attorneys. You want to make sure that the attorney you are interviewing and considering to hire has experience in the specifics of what you need help... Read More

How to Prevent Teen Auto Accidents

In order to prevent any future accidents for your teenage driver, it is important to discuss risky behavior and how to avoid it. Emphasize why one shouldn’t text and drive, or even speak on the phone and drive. Unless it is an absolute emergency, these are distractions and dangers that can end in fatal or serious accidents for the driver, and any other passengers who happen to be with them. Seatbelts are not optional, and that should be a rule for any driver—not just teenagers. Even if you are doing a simple run to the store and the drive is generally safe, it is best to never risk your only life under the assumption that terrible things will not happen... Read More