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Using a Tax Attorney to Determine the Right Business Formation

For a business owner, one of the most important things to do is to hire a good and trustworthy tax attorney who practices in New Albany, Indiana or Louisville, Kentucky. Being able to have good tax advice will, unsurprisingly, result in more money for the business. Tax attorneys can help with all of your tax problems, including any issues you might have with the IRS, legal representation in court, or even just normal cases of business and estate planning, or helping to determine the right business formation for you. Using a tax attorney is advantageous not just for the attorney’s experience, but also because you now have someone with specialized knowledge in your team. When it comes to legal work,... Read More

Three Tips to Determine the Optimal Business Formation Structure for You

Of all the decisions you make when starting your own small business, one of the most important is the type of business formation structure you will use in Indiana and Kentucky and in Louisville and the surrounding areas.  Below you will find some tips for helping you determine the optimal business formation structure for you. Consider Your Options The first thing you want to do is consider your options.  There are four basic types of business formation structures for you to choose from: Limited Liability Company, or LLC Partnership Sole Proprietorship Corporation Base Your Decision on Flexibility and Tax Planning You need to base your decision on the flexibility so that you and your business can adapt and adjust as... Read More

Should I Incorporate My Business at the Formation Stage?

One of the biggest questions for someone starting their own business is whether they should incorporate their business at the formation stage. While a business formation can be expensive during a startup, having the Inc., behind your business name from the beginning may well protect your personal wealth and save you money and protect you in the long run, and it may well help to solidify your image and status as a reputable business, as well as help get investors and formalize your relationship with other owners. Your best bet when it comes to trying to decide when to incorporate your business is to engage a business attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to explain the different aspects and advantages... Read More

LLC Basics: Do I Need a Business Planning Attorney?

If your Indiana or Kentucky business has grown to the point where you are concerned about liability, the next step may be to file and create a limited liability company, also known as an LLC. Much like a corporation, an LLC can protect the owner from personal liability in the event of lawsuits and payment of the business debts. Putting together an LLC is not as easy as setting up a partnership or a sole proprietorship, but in comparison it’s also much easier to manage than a corporation itself. It can have the same tax attributes and benefits as a corporation, including employee benefits. In order to file an LLC, you’ll need to file Articles of Organization with the state... Read More