What to Do if You Are Facing Drug Charges in Clarksville IN

Facing drug charges in Clarksville Indiana can be a terrifying experience. Being convicted can mean the loss of your freedom and a negative impact on your job, future, family and social relationships. However, there are certain steps that you can take if you are facing drug charges in Clarksville Indiana to protect your legal rights.

Seek Legal Counsel Immediately

As soon as you know that you are being investigated or you are arrested, contact a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in working with drug cases. The sooner that you contact a lawyer, the more likely you are to minimize the risk of adversely affecting your legal rights.

Don’t Talk or Meet

If police bring you in for questioning, you may be tempted to quickly be done with the case by confessing and facing your punishment. Sometimes a policeman or sheriff may tell you to cooperate because it will make it easier on you, or that he or she will put a good word in for you. However, the justice system is premised on the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty and the prosecution has the burden of proving your guilt, and therefore you should not make unnecessary statements adverse to your defense to a policeman or investigator. If you are taken in, insist on talking to a lawyer and then remain silent. Your lawyer can talk confidentially with you and advise whether you should say anything to the law enforcement.

Ask about Alternatives

Depending on your record and the charges currently filed against you, you may be eligible for drug court. However, be sure that you discuss the risks of taking this route as doing so may require you to plead guilty. The prosecution may agree to forego prosecution if you agree to be enrolled and complete a rehabilitation program.