How a New Albany, Indiana Corporate Law Attorney Can Help

Every day for a New Albany, Indiana corporate law attorney can be different. An Indiana corporate law attorney may help you form your business, may put certain provisions in place to protect your business or may help you minimize your risks when problems do arise.

Business Formation

At the beginning of a business, it is important to know about the different types of business structures. Each type has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, ranging from whether you must offer stock, how much power owners or directors receive and how liability is determined. A corporate law attorney can advise you on the type of legal structure you should put in place based on your particular circumstances.


It is a rare business that does not require a contract at some point. Businesses may need contracts to clearly spell out their agreements with vendors and contractors. Additionally, corporate law attorneys may help draft employment agreements, confidentiality agreements and covenants not to compete. Many business owners decide to sell or transfer their business and a corporate law attorney can be a great asset to assist you.


If a person threatens to sue your business or has actually sued your business, a corporate attorney can help handle this litigation. He or she can research the legal issues that apply to the case and file the necessary motions and briefs to support your position. Additionally, he or she can prepare, initiate and file proper complaints and discovery requests for you, and respond and make formal replies thereto. A corporate law attorney may also help negotiate a resolution of the case or recommend mediation when litigation may not be in the client’s best interests.